1489 E Rim Rd, Franktown, Colorado

It’s been a busy month. I chalk it up to a temporary acceleration in the local real estate world—realtors and homeowners wanting to quickly get their properties on the market both before the holidays and while the weather is still nice (we’re experiencing an exceptionally mild autumn in Colorado). I don’t always get a chance to post on the properties 3RD I has had the honor to document, but every once in a while we come across one that really, really stands out.


I’m a photographer, and I shouldn’t say this, but yeah, photos never do a place justice. We try our best, using all the techniques at our disposal to bring images as close as technology allows to what our eyes see—and that technology is getting better all the time—but the ability of the human eye, unaided and simply doing what nature evolved it to do, will always amaze me.

With our video on this one, we wanted to highlight things that photos just can’t, including the location of this estate on 36 acres right next to Castlewood Canyon State Park, a sizeable, unique and enchanting place just east of Castle Rock and within commuting distance to both Colorado Springs and Denver. I was able actually to fly the drone over (and even into) the canyon from the property, and show off some of the beautiful natural space that makes this one exceptional. Val Ross-Coy with ERA Shields did a great job pointing out just how unique this 9,000 square foot estate really is in her interview. All told, we filmed robotic motion-controlled sequences with the BlackMagic Cinema Camera, filmed Val’s interview (also with the BMCC), filmed drone sequences and used a few HDR stills in locations that weren’t necessarily video-friendly. Take a look, and let us know what you think.


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