A Different Kind of Realtor Profile Video

I Am Holly Quinn from William Burcher on Vimeo.

When RE/MAX agent Holly Quinn approached me a couple of weeks ago to do a personal introductory video for her, something she could show to new clients or post on her Zillow agent-profile or on social media, I knew immediately that it would be different. I’ve done some work for Holly in the past and I knew that she had a pretty inspiring personal story as a cancer survivor.

And so, instead of creating the more standard, corporate-looking video shot with actors, over-saturated colors and elevator music playing in the background, we decided to go real with this one. Knowing Holly as one of the most genuine, hard-working realtors I’ve had the privilege of working with, I knew this decision would really just work on film—the “real” Holly Quinn would show through the glass of the lens of the camera. We might even encourage and maybe inspire some folks going through something similar in the process.

It’s admittedly unnerving speaking about something as personal and emotional as a struggle with something like cancer with a camera in your face. Holly did well. And the result, I think, has some value beyond what a mere promotion would. For me, there’s a lesson here. Real is good. More people are interested in real. And thinking beyond the content of the story here; anyone can be real. Everyone has a story that other people are potentially interested in hearing. We should do real more often.

Let us know what you think about this one. Cheers! 


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