3RD I MEDIA LLC is a Colorado Limited Liability Company specializing in the intelligent use of Web-based visual media to tell stories that are simply worth the telling. 3RD I understands that stories are inherently about people, be they watchers or clients—and that successful media and story-telling strategies begin with a personal relationship. The Internet and the “New Rules” of marketing may be relatively new and present impressive, brilliant opportunities to reach an audience—but nothing has changed concerning the necessity for quality, innovative content. Images that empower. Stories that inspire.

  • Film/Video production (VIDEO)
  • Talented still Photography (PHOTO)
  • Web PLATFORM/Social Media Management

3RD I Media was founded in 2016 by William Burcher, based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Will is a Colorado native and former police officer. Will has always been an artist at heart, and along with his video and photographic work he is an author, naturalist and space and science enthusiast. He lives in Colorado Springs with his two dogs, Taurus and Sterling. For more, visit us on social media: