3RD I Media—2017

3RD I Media 2017 from William Burcher on Vimeo.

It was a good year, a formative year.

Not only did we learn a ton but we had fun and made some great friends in the process. The reel here might seem a little … broad … but we wanted it to be honest. We do some diverse things, but we’re confident that all of our clients benefit from that diversity. Here’s to a 2018 filled with growth and opportunity. Cheers!



Dusk in Colorado Springs

There’s something pure about a sunset. Sunsets occupy this special place in the pantheon of noticeable natural phenomena. They (the sun, the sky, an evolving cloud cover, a mountain backdrop) are almost wholly natural, though not entirely. The most brilliant colors can be associated with the smoke of a forest fire, or the particulate effluent of a busy city. There is a nexus here of the man-made and the natural. I’ve always been attracted to photographs that can begin to capture things like this. Truths. Ironies. Contrasts. Disparities. Which in my mind are hallmarks of the most real.

The colors of the sky, the purple light of a fading sun will always dominate a sunset, but the stuff of a city, of roads and buildings and cars and sodium-vapor street lamps; our stuff, our creations…these give context to the most powerful natural displays. Standing at that overlook as the sun fell and faded, as the colors turned from warm and orange to cool and blue, I was reminded to look up more; to look around more, to simply stop and be conscious of the beauty of the everyday.


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