Modesty Can Be Deceiving — 6770 Blue River Way

Last week, Kristan Rigdon with Cherry Creek Properties decided to break outside of the mould a bit and film this video on a seemingly modest house located in southeastern Colorado Springs. Some might think it overkill to a degree (the last video she did was for a home selling for literally 4 times the price), but she took a risk with this one, and it’s paying off — getting the home more exposure than it would normally receive, and also making a statement to her future clients: “This is what I will do for you and for your home, as well. I will go the extra mile.” Critical here, too, is the fact that this place is literally perfect. It was clearly LOVED by the people who lived in it for the last three decades (the same people). The yard is immaculate, and everywhere inside a sense of care radiates like some kind of physical light. We were privileged to provide the listing still photos as well, visible in HD on Kristan’s LISTING PAGE:


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