Hoste—Airbnb Management in Colorado Springs

Evan and Phil Wilburn with Hoste contacted us via Facebook a few weeks ago and since then 3RD I’s done a bunch of photographic work for the short term rentals they manage. These guys are great…and go above and beyond for their clients. Evan mentioned one day the kinds of hassle-free returns their clients are seeing from renting a room or two or three out through Hoste and Airbnb and I was SURPRISED. I’d say it’s a lot more lucrative than most people think. 

5910 Treeledge Dr, Colorado Springs

The backyard on this place is amazing. This was also an example of using multiple video elements to create something a little different. We combined HDR still photos with one of our “Image Tour” templates, added some drone footage and some interview sequences we filmed while shooting a separate, “personal intro” video for Stephanie—and the result was a great video done for less expense than a typical Listing Commercial.

For more info on this one, take a LOOK. Cheers!