“These are BADASS pics…”

—A client’s homebuyer

HDR Still Imagery

See through windows. See a property like a human eye would. HDR or “high dynamic range” photography combines multiple images with software to allow for an image more analogous to that a human eye would perceive. Our eyes are wonders of natural design and their ability to see both light and dark simultaneously are unmatched by even the most advanced cameras. HDR photography makes up for this. All of our images, both ground-based and aerial drone-based, are HDR images and are available to clients in the highest resolutions (4K or greater).

Aerial Drone Photos

We’re native to Colorado. We appreciate a good view. And literally, every place in Colorado has one…IF you go high enough. Quality aerial drone photography is available in all of our real estate listing photo packages. However, due to evolving FAA regulations, these services are not available everywhere. CONTACT us for further details.



The 3RD I advantage … Flexibility, Customer Service

Our digitial imaging specialists are employees or partners, not independent contractors. They are invested in your imaging project. We take our time. We  care. We build relationships.

We’re also willing to accommodate “extra” requests, and will gladly shoot at dawn or dusk (twilight) for no extra charge, scheduling allowed…something many of our competitors will double their prices for. We will travel up and down the Colorado Front Range, and points within 50 miles of Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo or Ft. Collins without charge. Additional fees may apply for locations outside of this zone.

ORDER online or CONTACT us for numerical specifics on pricing for photo or video products.

Next Day Service

We’re quick. Photos will be delivered the business day after the shoot. In some cases, expedited, same-day processing is available for an additional fee: $49