I Am Holly Quinn from William Burcher on Vimeo.

  • Filmed professional video profiles that get our clients SEEN.
  • RE-DEFINING the real estate “video tour,” specializing in broadcast-quality listing COMMERCIALS for those properties (or Realtors) that STAND APART from the crowd. 
  • Quality. Attention to Detail. Skill.

Video Profiles—The Personal Commercial

I Am Holly Quinn from William Burcher on Vimeo.

Introduce yourself. Tell your story. Spread the word. These are filmic shorts designed to show new clients who you are and what you’re about. They stand out on social media and are an absolute necessity for web sites that feature a professional profile of you (Zillow, for instance). 

Because of the variable nature of these videos, please contact us for information on pricing.

Broadcast Quality Listing Commercials

Every listing is different and we can be flexible in the production services we offer, but typical listing commercials are priced around a tiered model — based on the property listing price. Larger, more luxury listings take longer to adequately film and document. Typical videos include at least one sequence of each of these video techniques:

  • Aerial Drone Video, for those brilliant, wide, “establishing” shots so necessary to showcase Colorado views
  • Time-lapse Footage, for sweeping, high-resolution exterior scenes
  • Robotic Motion-Controlled Video, for perfectly smooth interior coverage
  • Broadcast-Quality Interviews, for that all-important human element
  • Quality Audio, for natural sequences, interviews, etc

*With every listing commercial, a separate MLS-friendly version of the video will be provided, along with the standard, main video that may include a voiced-interview*

Starting at: $499

Advanced Video Image Tours


For clients not ready to invest in a full, broadcast-quality video commercial, but who want more than the typical real estate video “tour,” we offer an intermediary video product, in conjunction with standard listing PHOTO services.  We take and provide the highest quality HDR photos and aerial drone images, and render these into a unique 1:00 — 3:00 (MLS friendly) video presentation, complete with music and your unique branding and contact information. These tours are fast-paced, modern and EXCITING. We always provide the actual video files, too, so you’re free to use and display these wherever you’d like.

Starting at: $49

Web-Based Interactive Tour

A great way to show off an exceptional property, and the perfect platform for more advanced imaging, like 360 Immersive Panoramas. Example: 

Starting at: $14.95

360 Immersive Panoramas

Each of these advanced “Photo Spheres” allows for a 360 degree virtual representation of the most important locations in a home. These interface perfectly with our Web-Based Video Tours — allowing potential buyers the opportunity to explore your listing in virtual reality! Each 360 Immersive Panorama can also be uploaded to your own Facebook page as a Facebook-recognized virtual reality image. How many would you like to order? Example: 


$14.95 Each

Video Hosting/Platform Management

Videos are typically hosted on 3RD I Media’s YouTube Channel, and the links are provided to clients for use on the MLS, social media, and their own websites. For clients wishing to host videos on their own YouTube channels, (large) HD video files can be provided free of charge. For clients interested in a complete solution, we offer web social media Platform Management services — setting up a YouTube Channel, managing the distribution of media across social media platforms, the creation and distribution of original content, and dedicated platform GROWTH through active, responsive and fresh social/community engagement. Contact us for further details.